Monday, October 18, 2010

eBeanstalk Toys, Pick A Paint Review

eBeanstalk is not just your average toy site. eBeanstalk takes the time to Select the best toys, books & games to help children grow and learn and brings them together in one spot for parents like us.
I can't lie I love to spoil the kids with toys but there are plenty of toys that are educational as well as fun. Why not make the most out of playtime? ebeanstalk also offers some great choices when looking for baby gifts.
Ebeanstalk is an amazing site I came across while searching for Kids Toys. So when I was asked about some possible product testing I of course jumped at the opportunity.

As a Mother with children who range in ages is nice to find a place where I can find not only Baby toys, but toddler toys and Kids toys as well. And all categorized into the appropriate age brackets so I can quickly navigate by which child I am shopping for.

I was sent this great game Pick a Paint great for children ages 8 and up. This game is among the many great educational games and learning toys ebeanstalk has to offer.

Pick A Paint comes with 20 symbol cards and 28 color cards in red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.

The Object:
After shuffling the symbol cards you place them randomly in a 4 by 5 grid on the floor or table. The color cards are also shuffled and dealt 3 to a player and the rest placed in a draw pile. The youngest player going first, paints the symbol card with the number one with a color in their hand. The next player does the same  by proceeding to paint the numbers, in order. The trick being not to repeat a color in any horizontal or vertical row. A player must put one of the cards in their hand down before picking up a new one even if that means they must repeat a color.

The starting player turns over their card in the number one spot, the next player turns over their number to card, and so on. Until a mistake is made by color being repeated. If a mistake is found, the player who made the mistake gets a penalty point. The player with the least penalty points wins!

Buy It: Pick A Paint can be purchased on the ebeanstalk site for only 9.95 and provides children with educational fun.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were provided to me free of cost by manufacturer or Pr agency for review only and in no way influence my opinion. My opinions however are mine and yours may differ. Full disclosure always located in nav bar .


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