Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dawn Dish Soap Review

I have always been a dishwasher girl. I have two household chores I hate, dishes and cleaning the bathroom. About a month ago I got really tired of my husband telling me that the dishwasher isn't that great and he can never find a clean dish. As much as it kills me I got fed up and started washing dishes by hand.
You know what? It actually worked out better. It wasn't that time consuming,  my dishes were clean, and I actually took the time to put them away! As a added bonus I felt I was saving time and money by not running the dishwasher an average of twice per load.

Around this time I also got a Ultra Dawn Concentrate dish soap review proposal. I figured it was meant to be. I haven't really paid much attention to dish soaps in awhile since all we really used them for was washing our hands. When I needed to purchase dish soap to actually wash my dishes with, I didn't know where to start.

I have to let you in on something that also bothers me the new smaller concentrates of dish soap and laundry detergent. I don't care what they say, I still use the same amount of both just because that's my way. Now it's very possible I don't need the same amount as when things came in full strength, but I'm a creature of habit. To me these smaller bottles with less product are a waste because my habits keep me using the same amount.
One thing I really appreciated about Dawn concentrate was their bottle is slightly larger then other concentrate brands and was something I by sight alone would have been more drawn to.

After a week of using Dawn dish soap I have to say I am a fan. My dishes (even the gross greasy ones) are clean, my hands are not dry, and the smell was simple, not over whelming. I was surprised at how quickly it broke down the chicken grease from my baking pans.

As a proud member and supporter of Twitter Moms I was thrilled to know Dawn was Twitter Mom tested and approved! You can learn more about the Twitter Moms seal of approval at and their thoughts on Dawn at

If your looking to try a new brand of dish soap I would recommend Dawn concentrate. you get a little more for your dollar, you can always find sales, and your dishes will be clean.

Buy It: Find Ultra Dawn Concentrate and your local retailers.
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Ultra Concentrated Dawn participated in the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval evaluation process, which involves underwriting a standardized, in-home research project developed by the TwitterMoms team and executed by compensated members of the TwitterMoms evaluation panel. Only products that meet TwitterMoms acceptance criteria are awarded this seal.
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