Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dan-E Review And GIveaway CLOSED

This is a non typical review for me. I say that because I try and stay clear of reviews/giveaways for medicines and supplements unless it's something I really believe in. Why? Simply because I feel peoples bodies are different and what one person swears by may not work at all according to the next.

When I was ask to check out Dan-E women's supplements, I debated it and decided that at this point in my life it was something I was willing to give a try and hope worked because I could use the lift. At this point your probably wondering what Dan-e is and what it may do for you.

About Dan-e:
The all-natural women's daily nutritional supplement. As women our hormones and vital nutrients decline with age and stress, making it harder for us to maintain a positive mood, upbeat energy and passion for life. Dan-e replenishes these lost nutrients naturally and restores your body's balance, giving you the energy during the day and the passion at night to live the life you desire!

Dan-e is an all-natural daily supplement designed for women by a trusted, award-winning gynecologist. (Click here to meet Dr. Dan!) Dan-e is specially formulated to:

Boost energy and mood -- without stimulants

Ignite desire and passion

Support optimal women's health

Relieve normal PMS or menopausal symptoms

It's the promise of added energy that got me, because boy lately I could really use that boost! I also noticed one of the supplements was vitamin B to support energy which I have a major deficiency in, to the point I need regular shots.
Dan-e is telling you to try it and take the 8 week challenge. If you commit to taking Dan-e daily for 2 months along with a weekly lifestyle change and don't notice a difference in your mood, energy and passion you get your money back! You can check out some women taking the challenge on the Dan- e blog.
It's been about a month for me. Results are supposed to peek in about 2 months. I have noticed a slight adjustment to my energy levels for the better and well I didn't notice but my husband told me I was less moody during that time of the month. Leave it to a man to notice
What is in it?
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