Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Become and Ex..My Confession

There is something that some of you probably don't know about me and that is that I am a smoker. Believe me I do understand the risks etc and am not looking for anyone to tell me why I should not smoke. It's my own demon that I struggle with and I hate being preached to. I'll be honest though and tell you it is beyond the point of saying I enjoy it, because I don't! The addiction unfortunately has a really strong hold on me. I have managed to quit a few times do to medications but it never lasted. I wake up almost daily saying today is the day, which turns into tomorrow is the day, and so on.

I was contacted about letting my readers in on a stop smoking program and debated it.... How can I try and say "hey try this stop smoking program" while I go light up. Plus I'm not big on campaigns that don't fit in with my life style. After more thought and a little research on the program I said why not. Hey, this could even work for me right?? And if it doesn't work for me, it may work for a reader struggling as I am. We all have a different way of going about things and what works for one may not work for the other, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I figured if it helps just one person that is ready on their own terms, well then this post did benefit me..right

So what is this post really about? A new site called BecomeAnEx.org

Seventy percent of smokers in America want to quit, but only about five percent of smokers are successful in quitting long-term. Most people just don’t know how to quit.

That’s where EX comes in. The free EX Plan, available at BecomeAnEX.org, teaches smokers how to “re-learn” life without cigarettes. Developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic, as well as input from ex-smokers, EX is a new way to think about quitting that can help smokers become an EX for good.

Maybe support is what a lacked in all my attempts to quit. They have a really cool Facebook app called Matchheads. The new Match Heads Facebook application allows you to identify your smoking triggers and match up with others for support in quitting smoking. Install this application and encourage smokers to use it. With the Match Heads application, you’ll find the last match you’ll ever need!

Well I just thought helping get the word out may help someone. I'm always up for suggestions when it comes to help with quitting smoking. So if your ready to take that step I encourage you to just check out what this site has to offer and if your not ready just yet maybe you can bookmark it for later use.

This was not a paid post. This post was written by me on behalf of becomeanEx and their PR team. All veiws exspressed are my own and yours may differ.


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