Thursday, September 2, 2010

eShakti Review

eShakti is an amazing online clothing store, whose goal is To make every customer look her absolute best. eShakti achieves this by providing amazing styles and a wide variety of fabrics and color choices in all sizes from 0-26. They Ensure the best possible fit and feel by providing all customers with the ability to personalize any item!

I love the fact women of all shapes and sizes can come together in one spot for a unique shopping experience. To often do we find stores only catering to the petite or plus size women.

"One size does not fit all and all sizes are not created equal. For too long women have been forced to conform to standard sizing that too often doesn’t fit properly. At eShakti, a woman can shop for exactly what she wants - no compromise, no premium to pay. She can ask for the fabric, color, body, styling and sizing that she likes. Never again will a woman have to hear that her size is not available."

Typically like most, I buy off the rack and hope for the best fit possible. Sometimes it is tricky, because your standard "size" in one brand is way to big, and in another to small.
I have to admit shopping with kids I just don't have the "try it on" time anymore. I can't tell you how many items are in my closet that just don't fit right and I never had the time to bring them back.

eShakti let me choose a item and customize it to my measurements. I was SO excited about this. I decided rather then a pair of jeans, or shirt, to go with something a little less in my comfort zone. I choose the Trapunto trim sash waist romper . I love how they look on other people but was never sure if it  if I could pull it off.

So I choose my item and went through the customizing process of giving my measurements. When my romper arrived I was excited to see how it would fit. Now I have to tell you I am a very petite girl not so much in height put I am slim. I have a REALLY hard time with sleeves that mimic those of tank tops and tank tops themselves. The sleeves never stay up, same with my bra straps it drives me crazy!! eShakti was able to create a the perfect fit "sleeves" for me I couldn't believe it....they stayed! Now if my bra straps would have only cooperated.
The whole outfit had a great and natural fit. I was pleasantly pleased.

If your looking for beautifully design clothes, a unique shopping experience, and are tired of the fit just not being right...Try eShakti. Remember you don't have to customize. You can order the standard size (0-26W) or you can create your perfect fit and style! Love the top but want a longer sleeve? Think the skirt is great, but wish it was longer? Don't worry let eShakti take care of it for you.

Buy It: Purchase the Trapunto trim sash waist romper for 39.95 and customize it for only 7.50 In case you don't like the garment due to fit or any other reason, you get to return it and get a refund. *Shipping and customizing fee will be deducted*

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and your opinion or experience may differ


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This sounds like a great shop. I like the piece you chose.

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