Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy Stroll Review and Giveaway

As a Mom anything with the word easy in it's name definitely deserves a shot. I've mentioned before I don't drive ( just because I never learned). My daughter and I walk down to the bus stop every afternoon. As you can imagine, since the bus stop is a bit far this isn't easy for her little feet, We of course always use her stroller.
When we are returning from the stop and I am trying to push the stroller and keep three restless boys from getting too close to the road. With both hands occupied, this can become a challenge.

"Easy Stroll provides total control of the stroller with just one hand. Your free hand can swing naturally as it would while walking without a stroller or can be used for other tasks, such as carrying a bag of groceries or holding hands with another child. A free hand is needed at some point virtually every time a stroller is used. Easy Stroll gives you this new freedom.

Easy stroll is an ergonomic stroller handle that promotes proper posture. Baby Strollers without Easy Stroll require two hands for operation. "Hunching" over the stroller puts an unnatural curve in your spine. Unfortunately, these improper body mechanics are unavoidable when pushing a stroller with two hands. Over time, it manifests itself as fatigue and/or discomfort in the back and arms. The good news is Easy Stroll fixes the problem. Using single handed operation, Easy Stroll straightens your back and allows for "normal" posture when pushing the stroller. There is no arm or back strain."

I am in desperate need of a new stroller. My current one is on it's last leg with those wheels that stick and make it really hard to push.  I was able to operate the stroller using just one hand and the Easy Stroll system. I do want to try it out on a good stroller because I feel it would work a lot better. However even on my old stroller it serves it's purpose. Providing me with a free hand to wrangle my boys with.

The Easy Stroll comes in 4 colors for a match to your stroller. Also provided for installation are different sized rings to fit your handle bar. This is important because my husband at first decided not to read the directions and just put the first set of rings that matched on. With the ring size he chose being way to big for my handle bar the device did not work probably. Once he replaced the rings with the proper size we were off and running so to speak.

"Easy Stroll is not for umbrella strollers but rather strollers that have standard handles with rubber or foam hand grips.

Love the thought of easy? Want to try the Easy Stroll?

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