Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Zhu Zhu Bash

When we first bought our home all the surrounding houses were up for sale or rent. At the start of the month we finally got some neighbors ALL around us! I thought it would be nice to get all our kids together and introduce them to Zhu Zhu's line of Wild Bunch pets.

We had a blast and it really brought all the kids together. The Wild Bunch Pets are ADORABLE! The Wild Bunch includes: a Skunk Stinker, a Hedgehog ZuZu, Raccoon Raco and a Bunny Sweetie. I found this collection to be a lot more unisex then the original and thought Zu Zu the Hedgehog with his long soft fur was just so darn cute. Yes I had a favorite.

We sat outside for over a hour while the kids raced their pets, chased their pets and of course all the boys had to try and "battle" with their pets.

My son made a race track with the sidewalk chalk included in our party pack via Mom Select, which then grew into racing four pets from one end of the driveway, and the other four boys starting their pets from the other end. After they were raced out the kids thought it would be fun to see if they could cover my entire driveway with chalk, and apparently themselves as well..lol

I had an opportunity to get my hands on the original Zhu Zhu's last year during the craze! I just adored them then with their individual sounds and personalities. The Wild Bunch collection has stepped it up with this line of adorable critters! I love the way they Zhu Zhu's interact with there accessories as well (the Wild bunch fully interacts with all past accessories). I remember Christmas morning last year sitting on the floor amazed by the Zhu Zhu driving his car in my Kitchen...To cute! Although I do have to keep them away from the dog because she is 100% sure they are real and is ready to attack whenever they are ;)

My only caution is the same one all the Zhu Zhu's carry. Make sure your child keeps the pets wheels away from their hair. Gia was a little to young for them last year and I had purchased them before the caution.. . of course little Miss got her hair caught. She knows better now and takes Sweetie with her EVERY place she goes. I spent an hour explaining why she could not take Sweetie in the bath with her.

Overall we had a great time, the kids got some really local friends and to be a hit (with their Mom passing out Zhu Zhu's and all!). Everyone love the Wild Bunch..That crazy set of Pranksters they are ;)

This was not a paid post honest opinions were used. Products were supplied at no cost for review purposes only and did not influence my post. These experiences are mine and yours may differ.

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