Sunday, August 22, 2010

PowerSox Kids EZ Match Socks

I actually spent a good portion of today sorting socks which prompted me to get writing this review post. I hate sorting socks! Trying to figure out which pair is who's, which sock fits with the next etc. Now don't get me wrong it is partly my fault for throwing all my boys socks in the same drawers but it's just easier for me that way. The only thing that saves me is the socks that have some kinda of marking on the sole, they make it slightly easier to match by pair but still not by size.

PowerSox EZ Match collection makes sock pairing a breeze. With the EZ MATCH® sizing system the number of gold rings on the toe indicates the sock size: small, medium, or large.
These socks are great for multiple kid homes like mine. Even when I don't have the time and toss the socks it the drawer all together, I now not only can visually spot a match by style but by size as well. These socks have also made it easy for the kids to determine what socks are theirs. My youngest son would always walk out with my ten year old socks on hanging off his feet. He would get frustrated that he always had to ask for socks to be found for him, but with the gold ring system of EZ Match he now knows to search for "his" number of rings.
Between durability and ease, PowerSox EZ Match socks are defiantly Mom approved.

Buy it: PowerSox Kids EZ Match Socks can be purchase for 5.99 for a pack of 3 on their website.
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I think these socks are genius! I would love to have some of these. lol. I usually get socks that have a pink or purple heel/toe so I can match easily and know they are mine. These are awesome socks. =] These are just for kids though right? But I can see how if you had lots of kids around the same age/size how hard it would be to match socks...

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