Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Loobster A Welcome Addition To Our Bathroom

I finally got Princess Gia Potty Trained..WOOHOO!! However she is one independent girl and never liked small potty seats. She was insistent on using the big potty, yet still insistent on doing it on her own.... This is where the problems arise.
See we got her the little seat to sit on top of the big seat, and she is a pro and putting it on and taking it off. Unfortunately she still has to climb onto the big potty! Holding on to the sides and wiggling her whole body across the same seat my boys, who are apparently blind when the aim use...GROSS! Even when I let her use my bathroom, I still couldn't shake the thought of all those disgusting germs she must be picking up. Why didn't mommy place her up there? Because "she a big girl, she go by herself" and if I tried to help, well then she just didn't want to go anymore.

The Little Loobster has become a welcome addition in my home. The Little Loobster is a unique designed potty stool. It sits around the base of the toilet so children can climb up with ease and without having to hold onto the gross rim. The Little Looster also provides ease for anyone else in the home because, the Loobster does not need to be moved after each use. It's unique design allows ample space for adults to still use the restroom whether sitting or standing. The Little Looster also provides support for little legs. Kids no longer have to dangle from the toilet seat, they can rest comfortably with there feet firm to the Loobster.

I wish I would have found this earlier! My boys also preferred the "big" potty, yet the height of the 'big" potty didn't make for good "shooting" range. My youngest son even now at 6 has been standing on it for a little extra height, making cleanups easier on Mom. With the Loobster's sturdy design I don't have to worry about it shifting on him or her.

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