Sunday, August 15, 2010

I-Safe Backbacks Helping To Protect Us

My kids are still young enough that I or my husband are always with them at the bus stop. Unfortunately however I don't drive. So when dragging along a 2 (now 3) year old, down two blocks and over one in this S.Florida heat, I have been late by a minute or two once or twice.
I want to believe my children are always safe but it only takes that one instant. There has also been such an increase in school bully lately (I really think it's just being talked about more now) but in anycase we have to rely on our school systems for keeping our kids safe in these instances.

If there was a extra precaution we could take as parents or even for ourselves as women..Why not take it?
Introducing iSafe Backpacks and Bags: the first and only school and laptop backpacks and messenger bags with a built-in mobile personal security system to provide added safety and peace of mind for students, parents, commuters and travelers. iSafe bags are like your own personal body guard.

iSafe Backpacks and Bags feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a dangerous or crisis situation. Available in children’s sizes and designs, as well as adult laptop/business sizes with professional designs, iSafe bags provide the most convenient and reliable safety protection available for people on the go.

These bags are recommended for children 8 and up who understand the responsibility or the bag, and it's importance in a bad situation. My 10 year old will be taking it to school with him this year. I know he is old enough to understand it's not a toy and he also always accompanies my youngest son to class on on ond off the bus ( sometimes he can be a really could brother). The iSafe bag features the look and style of popular brand backpacks with just as many functional compartments. My son is REALLY picky and he loved it. They also have great syles for girls and women.

How it works:

The iSafe alarm is easily activated: if the wearer feels they’re being followed or threatened, a quick tug on the alarm strap sets off the audible alarm and flashing light. The iSafe bag not only attracts attention to the situation, but the startling sound will likely send a would-be attacker running scared. The alarm can quickly be silenced and reset by replacing the pin, making the iSafe alarm reusable many times over.

 I of course tested out the alarm. It's easily activated in an emergency situation with a pull of a pin. The device is located on the shoulder strap of the bag so there is no fumbling, it is located on or about your chest area. The sound is defiantly loud enough to be audible at long distances and is quickly silenced upon replacement of the pin. The alarm can run continuously for up to two hours on just two 9-volt batteries to attract attention to lost hikers or children, in the event of a car accident where the vehicle slides over an embankment or even in a building fire where smoke may make it difficult to locate those needing to be rescued. The alarm can also be switched on and off in intervals to conserve battery power.

Buy It- The iSafe Backpack can be purchase online for 59.99. I looked up prices from other popular backpack name brands and this price is almost equal yet iSafe adds to function, your peace of mind.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. Products in this review were given to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and your opinion or experience may differ


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Following you from MBC! Come visit and follow back!

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Searching backpacks and came across this. How interesting

Suzy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is such a great idea. I hear on the news all the time of kids getting snatched up right after school or before school when there's no adults around. Scary! The alarm would definitely get peoples attention to look at where the sound is coming from and save that child from being abducted. The only thing is, if I would have had this in class and my friends new what it could do they probably would have pulled it in class. lol. We were immature...

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