Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well I take the blame for turning my kids into non water drinking, soda and juice junkies..Why? Because water was something I just couldn't drink so my home was always filled with everything and anything else to drink. About two years ago my husband started drinking strictly water and I started to realize how much better it was for everyone.
Definitely much better for my kids teeth and bodies then the sugar filled junk they had been drinking. I then learned how hard it was to UN-create the monster I had created, and that's were WAT-AAH comes in.

Wat-aah is the first premium water company marketed for kids, by kids and their Moms of course. WAT-AAH was created by finding out what appealed and didn't appeal to kids about water. Wat-aah bottles are fun neon colors, with a cool graphic wide mouth kid as it's "character". When are Wat-aah arrived I simply placed it in the fridge and waited for that
"MOM...I'm getting a soda" yell from the kitchen. As planned I got the yell about 20 minutes later followed by "whats this"???? I explained it was water and read of the bottles..This one is energy, brains, body, etc

So Mom if I drink this I will get smarter...? And if I drink this one I will grow bigger? That's all it took and they were battling over who was going to drink the "smart" water and who was going to drink "body" and grow
Leave it to my kids to argue over water, but hey it worked they were drinking this time the arguing was OK with me!

Wat-aah is also holding a contest valid until September 30th 2010 challenging kids to show them Wat-You-Got.
Show Me WAT-YOU-GOT! is a new website ( The site features the WAT-AAH! Boy bragging about his own skills and challenging kids to send a video to prove he can be outdone. He wants kids between 5-17 years of age to join and show off their talents... ANY TALENT!... and have the chance to win CASH REWARDS and some amazing, once in a life time opportunities:

* The kid with the most amazing SOCCER skills can win a trip for 2 to Milan to watch Inter Milan, the 2010 European Champions, and meet the players!

* The kid(s) with the most amazing MUSICAL performance can have the chance to record their song, and present to Al Branch, the chief talent scout from Def Jam Records and manager of well-known artists like Kanye West and Drake!

True to his mission the WAT-AAH! Boy wants kids to stay active, be motivated and be healthy this summer and join his challenge.
The competition started June 1st and ends September 30, 2010. So please spread the word and have your kids check out the site!

So keep your kids active this summer and possibly win some cool prizes at and while your at it givethose active bodies the hydration they need with Wat-aah.

Buy it- Check out for retailers near you

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Kendra said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a cool looking bottle. I'm lucky my kids like water already So they would probably love this

♥Cari♥ said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We love Wat-aah in our house!

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