Friday, July 9, 2010

Cahooties ~ A Revised Blast From The Past

So this review brought back so many memories. I know some of you have to remember making Cootie Catchers in school. Folding the paper that special way that took forever for you to learn..Or maybe that was just me. Then you would color in the top, place numbers in the middle, and the write a different "fortune" under each tab.

Well Cahootie has revisited our past and came up with a revised version for our kids.
Cahooties are made of pre-folded, rip-resistant laminated paper with colorful graphics, and they are available in a variety of themes. Even some suitable for boys if they are into it.

Cahootie's have reusable stickers that you place inside the Cahootie, so when your game play becomes predictable you can change it up. They have also added the feature of  choosing between not just a fortune but challenges and trivia as well. And it encourages spelling instead of counting, like our Cootie catchers of the past.

Have you never played? The rules are very simple and perfect for your Tween.
The person holding the Cahootie asks another player to choose one of the panels. Spell out the word and move the Cahootie accordingly. Each letter, open the Cahootie in one direction alternating by moving your fingers away from each other vertically, and with the next letter away from each other horizontally. The player then chooses an inside flap and again the Cahootie is moved accordingly for every letter spelled out. The player then picks any one of the four triangles showing and that flap is opened to reveal the coordinating sticker with either trivia, a fortune, or a challenge. Cover the sticker next to the one chosen to keep it a surprise for the next game.

Chootie has also developed Club Chootie a dynamic online social playspace that allows tweens to interact with real world friends in a safe and secure environment. Visit Club Cahootie here.

You can purchase Cahooties at Justice stores, select Hallmark stores, select Learning Express stores, and independent toy and gift retailers nationwide. They are also available online at
To check for a retailer in your area visit Cahootie online here.

This was not a paid post all opinions are honest. Opinions are also my own and yours may differ. Thank you to Cahootie for supplying product for review.


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