Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it REALLY a gift?

My husbands birthday is fast approaching. Monday to be exact. Once we had are children we know longer went overboard on gifts for each other. Like Christmas for example we don't exchange gifts it makes us happier to use that money and  even more stuff for our kids. A gift for my children makes me just as a happy, sometimes more so then a gift for me.

Now birthdays are a little different we still don't go overboard but we do exchange gifts. My dilemma this year is.. I am no longer working.We have never been a this is my money this is yours kind of couple. We don't and never have had separate bank accounts etc. So I went to order something for him today. Now I suppose I could make myself feel better by saying it's from the kids which I planned on doing..But I can't help but feel like he paid for his own gift. So how is that a gift? What do you think?
I am trying to look at like when the kids want to get us something at a school fair or something. We give them money, they return with a gift picked out from there hearts. I have never thought well I technically paid for this so it's not a "gift".
Don't get me wrong, my husband doesn't think like that either. I just for some reason feel bad, like he had to work for his gift.

Maybe I am just having a hard time finding my place as a SAHM again. I REALLY enjoy being home with my family but there is a part of my that really misses putting forth my share of the money or feeling like I worked for something. Does that make sense? HUH.... I don't know just one of those nights I suppose.  Now on to a Happier post!

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