Saturday, June 19, 2010

And Then She Was (Almost) 3

So my Princess will be three in August. It really is amazing how fast the grow and how much they learn in such a short time.
When she was first born, her being the only girl made everything so easy. When it came to birthdays and holidays. I think I may have went to crazy at first getting all the girl stuff I always wanted to buy. Now that her 3rd birthday is fast approaching I have no idea what to do for her or even what to buy her.
She is really into the Disney Princesses but we did that for her first birthday and Disney Fairy Princesses for her second.I'm thinking Minnie mouse or Dora because she has a fast growing attachment to them. I have no clue as far as a gift goes.
Did your princess have any special gift she just loved? I guess I have some time but for some reason this was on my mind this morning.It could have something to do with the fact she is walking around with her party hats saying "birthdays I love it". I guess I tend to over think the small stuff anyway...She is going to be three I'm sure a cardboard box holds the same enjoyment it did a year

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