Friday, July 17, 2015

Here's How I Make Bath Time Easy For My Kids

Those of you with children will know that bath time can be a nightmare. The truth of the matter is that some children hate taking a bath no matter what you do. I've had some serious issues with my kids when it comes to getting them in the tub. Sometimes, it feels as though children will do just about anything to avoid getting clean! Well, never fear! In my time as a mommy, I have learned a thing or two about making bath time easy for everyone.

Set a regular routine

Kids thrive on routine. They like to know when things are going to happen. That is why you need to start getting into a proper routine with your little ones. Show them that you know when things will happen and they will be much more likely to stay calm. Sometimes, what your kids hate is the surprise of having to take a bath. If they know when to expect it, your kids can prepare themselves for bath time. It might sound silly, but I promise it works. 

Keep things lighthearted and happy

If you make bath time serious, your kids will hate it. Children love to play. If you want to make sure that they are happy when you bathe them, you might want to get them some water toys. Of course, you can't beat the classic rubber duck, but there are loads of toys on the market. For example, you might want to get them some water-based crayons they can use to draw on the tub. (Don't worry, the crayons wash off quickly.) When your kids start to associate taking a bath with play time, they will learn to love it. 

Know that some kids hate baths

Not everyone loves taking baths. Some people prefer the ease of a shower. Your kids might be the same. When it comes down to it, some kids prefer to have a quick shower, rather than a bath. If that is the way it is, you need to respect what your children want. If you don't have a shower right now, click here for a broad range of cubicles. The point is that your kids need to get clean. If the easiest way to get them to clean themselves is to get a shower, it might be the best way forward for you. 

Reward your kids when they do well 

You should never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement. If you want your kids to behave themselves, you need to reward them when they do so. That way, your little ones will learn that their good behavior gets them the attention they crave. So, when your kids are calm and happy during bath time, give them a treat after it. You could get them a tasty snack or let them choose what to watch on TV. Don't make the mistake of bribing your children. You should not promise them these things. Just surprise them with a treat when they do well. Make sure you tell them why you are treating them. 

Be patient with your kids

As with everything else, training your kids to get clean will take time. Unfortunately, they won't start loving bath time straight away. The point is that you must not panic or try to force things on them. Having baths or showers is new territory for your little ones, and so they might take some time to acclimatize to the idea of it. Remember, if you are patient with your kids, you can get them to do almost anything. I know it can be tough, but if you keep going, you'll get there in the end.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Craziest Facts about Ink

The Craziest Facts About Ink – An infographic by the team at

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Guide to Rewarding Your Children for Good Behaviour

Rewarding kids for good behaviour is a tricky business. Why? Well, you don’t just go out and buy them a gift every time they do something good. You need to be careful when it comes to how and when you reward them. If you reward them too often, they’ll begin to expect rewards for behaviour that should be considered normal, like doing their chores. This could lead them to have a sense of ‘entitlement’ when they grow up. You don’t want that! You also need to be careful when it comes to what you say to them. The things you say stick in children’s heads. If you say, ‘here’s a gift for being a little genius!’, they may start to forget that they have to put work into achieving something. They’ll think they are either able to do it easily, or they aren’t at all. If you say, ‘here’s a gift for putting in lots of hard work!’, they’ll know that hard work brought them to where they are now. If you want to know more about rewarding your children for good behaviour, read on:

Don’t Offer Gifts When in a Stressful Situation

The worst thing you can do is offer gifts to kids when you’re in a stressful situation. It can be really easy to say things like, ‘if you stop crying I’ll give you a chocolate bar’ or ‘if you clean your room I’ll buy you that toy you wanted’, but this is bad for them. They learn that with bad behaviour, you’re more inclined to offer them something to be good. This is bribing them, not rewarding them. If you use behaviour like this, they’ll pretty soon learn how to play you to get exactly what they want. 

Set Up a Proper Rewards System

Having a proper rewards system is key to making this work. A star chart works really well, where you add stars to the chart when they deserve it, and then after so many they get a bigger reward. This way, they know they’re working towards a bigger goal and they’re not just going to get something for nothing.


Reward With Experiences

Instead of rewarding with toys and things like that, reward with experiences. You could take them to a theme park, away for the weekend, on a walk, or let them go to their friend’s house for dinner. Experiences are much better ways to reward your children than lots of lavish gifts. However, if your child has a hobby, you could reward them that way. If they like collectable dolls, buy them a new one when they’ve collected so many stars. Hobbies are good for children! 

Consider a Joint Chart

If you have more than one child, consider a joint chart. This way, they’ll work together and learn all about teamwork. Separate charts might encourage sibling rivalry. 

Avoid Food as Rewards

Giving food as rewards can teach kids bad things about food. You don’t want them to grow up eating emotionally, so avoid giving them junk food after a job well done! 
Be consistent and your kids will learn how important hard work is!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

You'll Never Look at a Single Serve Brewer the Same: Touch Brewer T526S Review & Giveaway!

Summer is here and for some of us that might mean and extra hour or two of sleep and for the rest of us it is business as usual, but no matter what time you awake there is nothing sweeter than the first sip of coffee. And now with the Touch Single Serve Brewer you can have your coffee faster and bolder morning, noon, or night.

I received a Touch Brewer for review purpose. All thoughts and opinions are my own and yours may differ.
The Touch Single Serve Brewer is ready to start brewing in 20 seconds, even after being off all night. Mornings are instantly good with the Touch Brewer, and for those of us who like our coffee to pack more of a punch, the Touch also offers larger K-cups Pods than traditional single serve brewers. This means more coffee grounds per pod, and more coffee grounds means bigger, bolder flavor in your cup! My husband loves a bold coffee, while I like mine a bit weak and yet we are both still satisfied with the Touch Single Serve Brewer. Why? Because the Touch brews any K-cup® Pods and allows me to create my own k-cups with the reusable coffee filter/pod. This sleek looking machine also offers 3 choices on brew strength - mild, medium and bold.

Another bonus that we loved in our house was the included Carafe 26 oz pot. I’m a one cup girl, but my husband is a refiller. I can brew the perfect amount of coffee utilizing the touch buttons, which include brewing options for 8 cup sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 ,16 18 and 26 oz, and my husband can refill right at the breakfast table as if we were out to breakfast.

One thing I dislike about most single serve brewers, is that the water is contained inside the machine and is heated up all at once and then reheated for a second cup. There is just something that bugs me about leaving water in the machine and not being able to see how "clean" the inside of the unit and the water is. With the Touch Brewer T526S Brewing System you get a removable 90-ounce water tank, which has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts. This means less refilling and the ability to see and empty the water in the tank. And did I mention that the Touch only takes in and heats the water that it needs, making for a superb cup of coffee every time?

I’ve owned quite a few single serve brewers and hands down this is my favorite. Anything I ever said was missing from another machine this one has: multiple brew options, removable tank, bigger and bolder pods, the ability to use my own coffee grounds, and counter-top appeal. This machine not only preforms well, but it looks really nice too! I love the design, I feel like a barista every time I brew a cup.

Buy It: You can find the Touch Brewer T526S Brewing System on for the MSRP of $249.99

Win It: This machine is too good not to share! Thanks to the good people at Touch one lucky reader has a chance to win their very own Touch Brewer T526S Brewing System!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Fun with the Newest Peppa Pig Products

"I am a Peppa Pig Parent. Product(s) supplied for review purpose only. Any thoughts and opinions expressed are my won and yours may differ."

Summer boredom setting in? Add some fun and excitement with all new Peppa Pig products that will leave your little ones smiling. From Better Toyz we’ve been enjoying the Peppa Pig Tree House Center with Ball Pit.

This fully inflatable, heavy vinyl ball pit/playhouse offers tons of fun with two large crawl through openings and 45 balls (20 balls plus a bonus of 25 extra). My youngest two have been loving every minute of this set and spent over an hour laughing, jumping in the balls and inventing games with the balls. The only thing I would recommend is maybe picking up some additional balls to completely fill the “pit”.

When rainy days have your little guy or girl down, brighten things up with Peppa Pig Rainy Day Doll. She’ll make the perfect companion on rainy days, with her rain coat, hat and wellies Peppa is ready to get out and make a splash in those mud puddles! Standing at 9 inches tall, she is sure to make those cloudy days into happy ones. 

And while you wait for the skies to clear up little Peppa fans can catch up with the latest Peppa Pig story, Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes Swimming. A paperback featuring everyone’s favorite pig; Peppa and George are going swimming, but George is a bit scared. How will Mummy and Daddy pig ever convince him to get in the pool?

Buy It: Find these fun new products available now at and