Monday, October 20, 2014

Personalized Memories from Ornaments with Love

Everyone has their own holiday tradition and that is one thing I love about the holidays, sharing our traditions and hearing the traditions of others. One of our family traditions has always been picking a special ornament to the end of each year. If we had a big event, we try and find an ornament centered around that, if not we simply let everyone choose an ornament of their liking each year. This makes trimming the tree even more special each year reminiscing about why we choose a specific ornament or the event it stands for. And over the years we learned that only one thing could make these ornaments even more special. Personalization.

For the past 4 years we’ve chosen to go with personalized ornaments, not only for ourselves, but as gifts for other family members as a way to record memories of life's events and a thoughtful way to show how much we care. And at Ornaments with Love you’ll find more than 2000 personalized keepsakes, for any occasion with fast shipping and quality craftsmanship.

For us, this year’s big life event was of course the birth of my son, so this year’s ornament was an important one. A Baby’s First Christmas ornament that will hopefully be with us for a lifetime. There were so many cute choices at Ornaments with Love, from foot prints to snowmen and angels and dinosaurs, but as soon as I saw the 2014 Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament (available in blue, pink and red) I knew it was perfect - I am a stickler for having the year on my ornaments as well.

Made of resin and measuring 3.5" x 4", personalization is painted by hand on the rim of baby’s Santa hat. We can’t wait to add it to our collection this Christmas!

 If you’re looking to remember that special family vacation you took this year, the purchasing of a new home an addition to the family or even just a favorite activity Ornaments with Love has you covered. They even have a great selection of gift ornaments for teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews etc.

Visit to find that perfect ornament, at a reasonable price with fast shipping!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Your Baby, Your Life: Choosing the Best Godparents Possible

It’s your baby’s life, but the godparents you choose will help shape who they become and the strength of their faith. Choosing godparents is an epic responsibility - one that many parents don’t know how to cope with. Here are some ideas on how to make a choice you won’t regret later.

Spend Some Time Thinking About Your Choice

Some parents choose their own best friends as godparents. These people might be individuals who are currently a huge part of your life. But, will they always be a huge part of your life? This is difficult to know, but a good way to figure out whether a person will be around for the long haul is to think about this person’s values and how they relate to yours.

Christians don’t always get along or form life-long relationships just because they share the same faith. Friends are friends because they share the same personal, optional, values and have day-to-day compatibility.

It might be helpful to make a list of values you hold explicitly, things you do to reinforce those values, and then think about whether the person you want to be your child’s godparent shares those values.

If not, do they compliment your own values and help “fill in” in areas where you lack strength? This can also be a good sign that the person will be around for a long time in your life. Finally, asking the person directly to consider the responsibility of becoming a godparent is a good way to gauge both their seriousness and sense of commitment to the task. Make it clear that this is important to you, and that they will need to be near the child while they are growing up.

Choose Someone Who Will Be A Good Influence On The Child

Not everyone in your life will be a good influence on the child - even friends of yours may not be perfect godparents. In the broadest sense, you’re looking for an individual or couple who will help guide the child in their spiritual journey.

If you choose someone who spends a lot of money on christening gowns, for example, because they bought the most expensive or lavish gift, this isn’t really a sign that they’re committed to the child or that they have what it takes to be the child’s godparent. It just means that they’re willing to spend a lot of money.

You also don’t have to choose two people. You can choose one godparent, if you wish.

Don’t Rush It

Take your time. Consider the personal character, psychology, and values of the person whom you want to be a godparent. It’s OK if it takes you several weeks, or even several months to make a decision.

Your choice, at first, might seem obvious, but take a step back and really think about it before you make a final decision. This person will be the child’s lifelong godparent, guide, and an influential person in their lives. Sometimes, praying about it can help, or taking some time to reflect on who this person really is will ensure that you make the right choice.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Benefiting Your Childs School Has Never Been Easier; Donate and Purchase at Schoola Today!

Raise money for your school, clean out your closets and score amazing deals on the labels your kids love. You can do all this at Schoola! 

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Launched in San Francisco in 2012, Schoola was founded by Stacey Boyd, who is a parent, former teacher and a principal, to create new opportunities for raising money for school programs that foster children’s creativity. She recognized that art, music, physical education, and foreign language are essential for kids; yet schools across the country are consistently experiencing funding cuts for these indispensable programs. Schoola provides a much needed solution— enabling parents to donate their children’s pre-loved clothes to the online store at and then 40% of each sale is donated to the school of their choice. Over 300 schools all across the U.S. have received the proceeds from these clothes and Schoola continues to develop innovative ways to raise funds for a continuously expanding network of schools.*

Schoola donate to your school today

By signing up at you can raise money for your school in a very simple matter. Donating clothes is as easy as requesting a bag. This bag is sent directly to you with a prepaid return label, which you can sit on your porch for the mailman to collect. These gentley used (or new with tags in some cases) pieces are then placed up for sale on and when purchased a portion of the proceeds go directly to YOUR school. 

Top and Skirt via Schoola
Schoola also offers affordable shopping with the reward of helping a school. I recently picked up a few pieces for my daughter and was thrilled with not just the pricing, but the quality. Everything was a good as new and items that have some wear etc. are clearly mark with any potential defects on the site. After our purchases were made we got confirmation of how much of our total cost was going to selected schools and we got to see the names and location of the schools we were able to help out, all while adding some fresh items to my daughters wardrobe.

We too will be giving back and collecting for our school, by in return sending in gentle worn items of my daughters in the pre-paid Schoola donation bag. Imagine if we all spread the word and got our communities involved with Schoola, what we could each do for our children’s schools! I know our school has made some major cuts over the years and lack a lot of necessities that are coming straight out of the teachers pocket now. Schoola provides a simple, stress free and fun way to help out. Cleaning out the closets, affordable shopping and benefiting education. How can you go wrong with Schoola?

Shop now and get additional details at Schoola!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Innovative Feeding with the Nûby™ Nibbler and Infafeeder (Review)

I can’t believe we’ve reached the stage were my little guy has begun his journey with food. The time is really flying by now. First foods can be an adventure and a messy one at that! NUBY has some great feeding products to guide your little one in his or her new milestone and even keep things a little neater.

The Nûby™ Infafeeder™ is one of my favorite products. My son still struggles a bit with spoon feedings. He tries to push my hand to force the entire spoon into his mouth, bites on it, and get so excited he tends to smack the spoon sending food everywhere. With the NUBY SoftFlex™ Infafeeder™ I get a fully interchangeable solution with my bottles that can be used to introduce babies to their first foods.

Simply place puree baby food into the SoftFlex™ bottle, place soft silicone spoon top on and gently squeeze the right amount of food onto the spoon. The small opening allows purees to pass through easy without the possibility of it pouring out. This makes feeding time so much easier and my son not only prefers the SoftFlex™ feeder on his sensitive gums, but much less of a mess is made and cleanup is a breeze. I really appreciate the fact that the bottle breaks down into 3 parts for a though cleaning. You just want to check before a feeding that the bottle has been correctly put back together.

The Nûby™ Infafeeder™ is available for the SRP of $9.99 at the following retailers:

For the more advance feeder NUBY also has the Nûby™ Nibbler™, which is a great way to introduce soft solids when your child is ready. We haven’t reached this point, but I have used the Nûby™ Nibbler™, before and it’s a wonderful invention, allowing your child to enjoy whole foods and build chewing skills without the choking risk. 

Featuring a net type top, only small pieces of food and lots of flavor is let through. And with the "Squeeze and Twist" Locking System, your child can safely use without risk of opening, while still being as easy as 1-2-3 for parents to place food inside! Complete with cap for traveling, the nibbler is sure to be a favorite of both yours and your child’s.

Nûby™ recommends the follow foods (as age appropriate) for use with the Nûby™ Nibbler: frozen fruits, fresh fruits, ice chips, veggies, and other similar foods.

The Nûby™ Nibbler™ is available for the SRP of $4.99 at the following retailers: 

  • Bealls
  • Dollar General
  • Baby Depot at Burlington
  •  Ross Dress for Less

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Monday, October 6, 2014

LISTERINE Heroic Habits #Sponsored #MC

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It’s been an extra crazy few months in our household with the early addition of my youngest son, my oldest starting online classes and my other 3 heading out the door at 6am for back to school. I thought we’d never settle into a routine and truth be told, I’m not sure we are quite there yet. Mornings are still a little rushed and evening jammed packed with homework, and after school activities. Through all this it’s easy to get distracted, especially as a child, and I’m afraid that my children will begin rushing when it comes to the important aspects of their routine, like brushing their teeth.

Good oral care is important for so many reason, but it can certainly be a challenge getting my kids to realize this. Even the best brushers can struggle getting in between the teeth and how many children are taught how to floss, and properly? 

Thanks to the Listerine brand, I am challenging myself and family to take our oral care more seriously and make sure we dedicate enough time each day toward our goal. And with the help of several great Listerine products I’m sure we will be all the road to healthier smiles and an all-around cleaner mouth in no time. We can’t wait to try them all!


LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ Sodium Fluoride Anti cavity Mouth rinse GENTLE CLEAN MINT is the only teeth whitening product without peroxide, but with the added benefit of fluoride for added enamel protection and less irritation

Product Benefits:
  • Peroxide-free for a gentler whitening experience
  • Removes and prevents tough stains
  • Restores enamel
  • Safely whitens
  • Formulated to whiten without irritation
  • Kills bad breath germs
  • Prevents cavities
  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Long, ergonomic handle and non-slip grip to reach back teeth
  • High-tenacity yarn withstands breakage
  • Easily gets to100% of the HARD TO REACH PLACES®
  • Includes an added baking soda ingredient to
  • Remove stains coffee, tea and wine
  • Shred-resistant floss stretches, flexes and
  • Slides easily between teeth
  • MICRO-GROOVES® Technology to remove more plaque

Need a between brushing refresher? Don't just freshen your breath, freshen your breath while killing 99% of bad breath germs with PocketPaks.

These are just a few great products available to get you started on a healthy smile and your way to heroic habits. Learn more about LISTERINE HEROIC HABITS on their YouTube Channel:

Buy It: Find these products and more at retailers nationwide