Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Choose an Electric Company

Utilities are a significant expense in most households. This is especially true when it comes to electricity. Therefore, it is in your best interests to do whatever you can to pay as little for electricity as possible. In order to do this, it will require some time and effort on your part. However, if you are able to find rates that are far lower than what you have been paying, all of your hard work will have been worth it. Here are some ways to find a good electric company.

1. Know the terms of your current contract

Prior to looking around for a new electric company, it is important that you completely understand the terms of your current contract. Surprisingly, the vast majority of people have no idea what their current rate is and what their contract involves. This type of ignorance causes people to pay more for electricity than they should. Find out what your kwh rate is. This will be indicated on your monthly bill. These rates have a tendency to vary widely from one company to another. You will also need to find out the expiration date of your current contract. Is the rate you are paying variable or fixed? If you have your heart set on switching electric companies, start making plans to do so at least one month prior to your contract expiring.

2. Do you want a fixed rate?

The rate you pay for electricity can be locked in, just like the way you can have a fixed rate mortgage for your home. Some people prefer to gamble that rates may continue to drop, with the understanding that they could rise at any moment. If this happens, you will be forced to pay a lot more money in the long run. For households on a budget, a fixed rate is the safer way to go. However, it is completely up to you. 

3. Compare electric providers online

Fortunately, there are many websites that make it very easy to compare the rates that electric companies like Columbia Utilities are currently charging in your area. All you have to do is type in your zip code and all of the electric providers in your area will be listed, along with the kwh rates they charge. However, you should also check with the individual companies to make sure the rates listed on the comparison website are still accurate. This is important because electricity rates can fluctuate often.

Celebrate Easter with Peppa Pig (Giveaway)

Can you believe how close it is to Easter?! If you, like me, have yet to hit the stores in search of the perfect basket fillers I have some exciting new options for you. This week, we received an awesome Peppa Pig basket of some new merchandise sized just perfect for an extra special Easter basket treat!

Upon opening our basket we found our favorite family! The Peppa Pig Family Four Pack, includes Peppa, her little brother George, and of course Mummy and Daddy Pig. Standing at 3 inches a piece, each figure has movable parts and great detail for more realistic play. If you have a Peppa Pig lover on your hands these figures will make a great addition to his or her Easter basket as opposed to too many sugary treats.

My daughter was super excited to find a sleepover-themed 8x8 Scholastic storybook featuring Peppa that was going to featured, at the Scholastic book fair at her school this week. This book tells the story of Peppa’s very first sleep over at her friend Zoe Zebra's house and all the excitement that ensues. And the best part is, Peppa Pig: Peppa's First Sleepover can be found on for just $3.97.

Heading to a friend of family members for Easter dinner? Keep your little Peppa fan entertained on the way with the Peppa Pig coloring pouch that includes 24 Coloring Pages, 4 Crayons and a Sticker Sheet! This will make a great Easter basket addition that can hit the road to Grandma’s with them. While we didn’t have any road plans this weekend, my daughter was occupied for a good hour sitting and coloring all her favorite Peppa Pig characters.

Lastly, no Peppa Pig fan would feel complete without a sweet Peppa Pig t-shirt

There is no limit to the imagination and what magic the Easter bunny can fill a basket with, so make it an Easter to remember with Peppa! 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Vanilla Cupcake Frozen Yogurt Cookie Sandwich #Recipe and Paypal #Giveaway! #Whipitup

I know some of you are still dealing with snow, but the steady increase in temperatures here, are a constant reminder that summer is just around the corner. I love summer! The warmth, sounds, smells, and most of all delicious food and snacks! Just like a bowl of warm soup seems to taste a bit better during a cold day, there are foods that just seem better in the summer. I can’t wait to enjoy fresh fruits, barbecue, and frozen treats!

In celebration of the first day of spring, and summers impending arrival, during my latest shopping trip to Publix, I decided my children and I needed a little taste of summer. And when I came across new Yoplait Greek 100 Whips, in amazing flavors like vanilla cupcake, the perfect treat came to mind… Vanilla Cupcake Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches! Not only were these a great way to enjoy a little taste of summer, but they were the perfect snack for making on this vacation day, with my kids.

What you need:

Line up about a dozen cookies on wax paper. Place a dollop of yogurt on each cookie and place in freezer for 5 – 10 minutes.

Remove cookies from freezer and top with another cookie. Pour sprinkles onto wax paper and gently roll the sides of cookie sandwich through the sprinkles. 

Place back into freezer for 30 minutes or until completely frozen. Serve and enjoy!

Yoplait Greek 100 Whips, doesn't just make a great addition to recipes, it's great all by itself. It has a light mousse like consistency and the taste... Oh my! This stuff is G.O.O.D! If you haven't had the opportunity to try new Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! I've got two great oppurtunities for you to do so.

Coupon and Giveaway!

First, if you're a Publix shopper you can grab your digital coupon for a $1.00 off cup of any five (5) Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! 5.3oz.  Next, you can enter to win $15 in Paypal cash to try Yoplait Greek 100 Whips!  See Rafflecopter, below, for entry method.