Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oribel's Multi-Functional PortaPlay Activity Center and Play Table @loveoribel

Having five children I know just as well or better how much stuff babies and children need – and how much space it can all take up! It really feels like those first five years you’re stuck in a constant pattern of outgrowing and purchasing. So for me, I like to think ahead, and I like to think multi-functional. Multi-functional products give me a sense of value in my purchase, as I am saving in the long run and the product is growing with my child. 

Oribel's PortaPlay Activity Center

Oribel’s Portaplay Activity Center is basically a modern exersaucer; a product I’ve purchased for each of my children. Its simple design has baby sitting and bouncing, surrounded by engaging toys in a very neutral and modern design. The seat rotates 360┬║ allowing baby access all the toys, and with the ability for baby to bounce in the seat, it helps build muscle strength. The best part for a mom who is always in need of space saving ideas? It has adjustable legs that fold in for easy storage!

PortaPlay Activity Center

Overall the Oribel's PortaPlay Activity Center is a beautifully designed, functional and safe activity center, but what makes this activity center really stand out is that it will be with your child for years. When your child has outgrown the seat, it can be converted into a table with a simple included insert. This table is perfect for snacking, drawing, or playing. And Oribel has added to value with two additional products.

PortaPlay Child Stools

PortaPlay Kids Stools

PortaPlay Child Stools (MSRP $39) are purchased in pairs, complementing and extending the life of the activity center-to play table even further.

PortaPlay Art Paper Roll Dispenser

PortaPlay Art Paper Roll Dispenser
 Art Paper Roll Dispenser

A sturdy wooden dispenser, the Art Paper Roll easily and securely clips onto the PortaPlay™ table. It includes a 12 inch wide, 75 foot roll of quality white drawing paper, for little artist to unroll, create, and tear off for display.

PortaPlay Table and Stools

We are over-the-moon with the functionality of the PortaPlay Table and Activity Center. It’s a really simple conversion too! The toys easily clip on and off. They’re replaced with green clips to make an all-around smooth surface, or you can kept the toys in for table play. My son likes to keep some of the toys attached, especially the “bead bar”. 

Oribel PortaPlay Table

The toys, clips, and art roll dispenser, simply clip-in. To remove you just squeeze in the clips under the table. The legs of the table/activity center also adjust vertically to accommodate growing children, and, of course, fold completely in for storage. 

Conversion Instructions

If you're like me and believe in the value of multi-functional products, this is definitely one to check out. It's durable, functional, easy to assemble, space saving, and washable! 

Shop the PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center ($149 • 5 months to 5 years) and accessories at 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dong De Xi

Some people may look to things like art or music as a way to express themselves freely and show the world what they are about. Other people, however, choose to express themselves through their fashion choices. How else were the goth, grunge, emo, punk, hippie (and many more) trends born?

Luckily there are many fashion brands that are around that really help you portray yourself in the most personal way possible, and one of those aforementioned fashion brands that we can’t seem to get enough of these days is Dong De Xi.

Dong De Xi
Dong De Xi is a modern-free-romantic fashion brand which was founded by the famous fashion designer Zi Hao back in 2010. As mentioned, modern, free and romantic are three words synonymous with the brand, and with those three words in mind, you can imagine that the results of the collections are worthy of your undivided attention,.

Dong De Xi is the fashion brand to go to when you don’t quite want to follow the latest fashion trends, but still want to turn heads and look fabulous wherever you go. The idea of his latest collection and the Dong De Xi brand as a whole is that it enables women to portray their interest in fashion and their knowledge on the latest trends without conforming. If you are against conventions and want to show that you are your own woman with your own style, your own imagination and your own thoughts, then this women's clothing collection is perfect for the foundation of your ensembles.

The Dong De Xi pieces, in particular the ones in the current collection, are particularly great because they can be worn both casually and formally with ease and freedom.
White Sleeveless Mini Dress

The white plain sleeveless mini dress is one of our highlights because it is an essential summer staple, for obvious reasons, but with a difference. And as we mentioned before, that little difference plays a big part in making Dong De Xi the huge success it is. We would wear the white plain sleeveless mini dress while holidaying in a hot, gorgeous country, and team it with some sandals in a bright shade and a bag of a contrasting color to really shake things up.

The blue crew neck A-line geometric sweet mini dress, with its mesmerizing infusion of bold colors, is going to be our go-to piece for parties or events where the theme might be something along the lines of “go big, or go home.” If you love dressing up to the nines and expressing yourself through your sartorial choices, then that might just be the dress to go for. The best thing about the mini dress is that it does all the hard work for you, so keep the rest of your accessories, hair and make-up simple. A dress like this deserves to do all the talking and command all of the attention.

If you’re a fan of the print (and who wouldn’t be?) then you’ll be pleased to know that you can find it in a few other pieces in the new collection too. Win, win!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball Now Stronger Than Ever! (Review + Giveaway)

There are two things that come to mind when I think of toys/products that have stood the test of time. Two things I enjoyed as a child, just as much my own children do. Those two things are a ball and bubbles. Who hasn’t thrown around a ball or chased a bubble? What if those two things were combined? Combined to make the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, the “bubble” that you play with as a ball. 

Super Wubble Bubble BAll
This post sponsored by NSI International, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

The updated Wubble Bubble Ball, the Super Wubble, is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble Bubble Ball. It was created from a super stretchy material called Xpandium, which makes the Super Wubble tougher to withstand more kicks and throws. It’s actually rather cool, the ball feels squishy and is very pliable, but unlike a regular ball you can do so much more with it.

Inflating Ball

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball comes with a battery-operated air pump, requiring 4 AA batteries. To inflate it you want to get the nozzle all the way into the valve, how much you inflate is entirely up to you. But for maximum strength and durability it is recommended that you do not inflate it more than 30 inches.

Wubble Bubble Play

My kids range in age from 16 to 2 and each one of them was thoroughly entertained by this ball. It provides hours of fun, indoors or out, throwing, kicking, sitting, and squishing. There are so many ways to play with the Super Wubble Ball! And to stand-up to my littlest guy, this ball needed to be tough! 

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Inflated

Do you still want to know how tough the Super Wubble Bubble Ball is? Before experience the Super Wubble Ball for myself, I always questioned how long it would really last. Check out the YouTube series, Super Wubble Vs. The World, where you’ll see the makers of the Super Wubble ball drop all kinds of objects from the top of a building right onto the Wubble Bubble Ball. That Xpandium is some strong stuff! However, though it is built tough, it is not 100% indestructible. Objects like nails, tacks etc. can still pierce the ball. Fortunately, there is a patch kit included in case of an “oh, no” moment. 

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball comes in 4 colors: blue, green pink and red and are available for purchase for the SRP of $19.99 online and, Toys R US, Target and Walmart.

Have your own fun with the Super Wubble Bubble Ball! Enter below for your chance to win your own Super Wubble Bubble Ball!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Head Back-to-School with ChapStick® (Giveaway)

This year when heading back to school, things looked a little different for us. It’s been awhile since we’ve had to deal with the change of seasons, or worry about an upcoming winter, having moved from Florida to Minnesota. So there were a lot of new additions to our shopping list. We bought gloves, hats, and earmuffs along with the regular essentials, and of course made sure we were fully stocked with ChapStick®.

School Bag and Chapstick
"The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”
This year remember when loading up those backpacks that ChapStick® is not only America’s favorite lip balm, but a skincare staple that helps that helps keep lips smooth and silky for the school year. With the cold weather around the corner you and your children will need  added lip protection from the elements, and ChapStick® provides just that. A lip softening protection for smooth, moisturized lips, helping prevent the irritation of dry, chapped lips. 

Back to school with ChapStick

Now is the perfect time for you to stock up on your favorite ChapStick® varieties, as you can find specially marked buy 3 get 1 free bonus packs! And for your convenience you can now shop for *ChapStick online, and have it shipped to your door! Don’t be left out in the cold, with dry lips this winter. Don’t forget your ChapStick®!

ChapStick and Tin

ChapStick Giveaway Logo

Win It: Keep those lips soft and silky! Enter now for your chance to win a special ChapStick® lunchbox tin including:
  • 3 ChapStick® Classic Original + 1 ChapStick® Moisturizer Original Bonus Stick
  • 3 ChapStick® Classic Cherry + 1 ChapStick® Moisturizer Original Bonus Stick
  • 3 ChapStick® Moisturizer Original + 1 ChapStick® Aloha Coconut Bonus Stick
*minimum quantity requirement of 3 items in order to proceed with checkout.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fun Dorm Room Must-Haves

It's that time of year again, the little's are off to school and our big kids are making that venture off to college. Whether they're heading off to college for the first time, or are heading back, they're gonna need all the necessities and those things that make dorm living a little more pleasurable. That's why we've compiled this list of some fun and functional dorm items they're going to want! 

Give your dorm and homey-feel and express yourself with new lighting options from Lava.

String Lights
Portable and decorative, new String Lights by Lava, add a touch of fun to your surroundings, featuring 7 colors that cycle and automatically change. And since they are battery operated, the 60 inches of corded lights can used nearly anywhere indoors.

Lava Lamp
For even more fun lighting choices check out the NEW-CHALKBOARD Lava Lamp. Fully customizable with included chalk, let your creatively be your guide. Leave a message, right a number, or let art guide you. This Lava Lamp comes included with a 25 watt bulb, for soft relaxing lighting.

Plant Charging Station

Being in college means always being on-the-go. To keep up with friend, family and school work they'll spend a lot of time with their screens whether it be a phone, laptop or kindle. This means a charging station is nearly a must. There are lots of great choices out there, but we kinda of like the Mini Charging Station from DormCo for it's style. It's unique and keeps cords hidden. 

Bath tote

The worst thing about dorm living in my opinion, communal bathrooms. They'll need to be toting their belongs back and forth sometimes multiple times a day, so help them keep organized and be stylish with the bath bin from PB Teen.

Novelty Laundry bags
Source: Bed Bath & Beyond
We all know that dirty word...laundry. Whether they'll be toting it back home to mom or making their way to the laundry mat, these novelty laundry bags from Bed Bath & Beyond  are too cute to pass up. At just $5.99 you can creatively store and transport up to two loads of wash. 

Those late night cram session will leave them needing to refuel. Check out the 
Eraser Board Mini Refrigerator in Black. Perfect for keeping there drinks cold, food fresh and the eraser board is great fro keeping track of appointments, leaving messages or reminding yourself about that big test.

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