Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Love Peppa Pig!


How many of you have little Peppa Pig fans at home? Well, I have some exciting news! I am a Peppa Pig Parent, and over the course of the year will be bringing you new Peppa Pig DVD and product reviews, along with updates and news on our favorite pig, Peppa! 

If you aren’t yet familiar with Peppa Pig, the series was originally created in the UK, eventually making a leap across the pond delighting the littlest U.S audiences, premiering on Nick Jr. The show follows the daily activities of Peppa, her brother George, mommy Pig and Daddy too! 

Peppa Pig Image

Episodes were create to educate and capture viewers attention, featuring everyday activities kids relate to; going to grandmas, going to the playground, riding bikes etc. Peppa and her family are of course very modern pigs, wearing clothes, living in a house, but still display some characteristics of the animals on which they are based.

Check out Peppa Pig on Nick Jr and be sure to keep an eye out right here for the latest on Peppa Pig!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Umi Shoes Spring/Summer Collection (+ $60 Gift Card Giveaway)

I don’t have to tell you, it’s cold out there! But things are starting to warm up at Umi Shoes with their Spring/Summer collection! It is usually around the time the seasons change that my children have out grown their old shoes or are in need of an updated look. And once again Umi doesn’t disappoint with beautiful colors, fun styles, and quality craftsmanship.

I am an Umi ambassador. Product(s) provided for review purpose only. Any thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own and have been in no way influenced. Your opinion may differ.

Trusted Comfort and Style

With Umi Shoes, I know that each shoe is handcrafted with the active child in mind for comfort and fit. Not only that, but feet with Umi styles are healthier feet because the company handcrafts its shoes not only to fit, but to fit correctly with growth in mind. My daughter has been sporting Umi shoes, well, for as long as I can remember, but this year we have a new Umi fan in the house.


UMIBABY shoes are designed to promote healthy foot growth as babies crawl, cruise and take their first step, and all styles and stages of UmiBaby shoes are approved by the American Piodiatric Medical Association. I couldn’t think of any place else I would rather my sons first shoes come from.

My little guy just started walking and was in need of quality shoes to protect those tiny tootsies. The Weelie, immediately caught my eye with fun colors, in a simple yet stylish design, providing the building blocks for monumental first steps. The Weelie is also craft of natural materials that help to promote healthy foot development.


To my daughter the mention of spring means lots of outdoor play, running jumping and simply being a kid; for her we chose the Umi girls Jett B sneakers. The style and color choices appealed to my daughter, but I liked the special laces that make these sneakers easy to slip-on and off with the lack of a tie. These shoes also come with a pair of traditional laces, which my daughter preferred for some reason.

The Jett B is crafted in two separate styles for girls and boys. The girls Jett B sneakers have a shimmering upper canvas, bold color accents and an all rubber, supportive sole. Perfect for a casual look, the park, or even styling in gym class!

Find Your Style

Whatever you child’s style, Umi shoes are sure to please. Standing up to all a kid can dish out, keeping little feet comfortable, healthy and protected.

Win It: Thanks to Umi Shoes one lucky reader will win a $60 Umi gift card toward your favorite Umi style.

Enjoyable Gelato!

Who does not love gelato? Absolutely everyone does. The same applies for frozen yogurt and ice cream. As kids, people are promised ice cream as a reward for obedience. When people want to celebrate a victory or have accomplished something good, they go and purchase gelato or frozen yogurt. When life gets stressful and a person needs a pick me up, one of the first things are going to do is go out and purchase ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. It is just a part of the human psyche.

Source: Parlafood

While buying a carton of ice cream or carton of gelato at the grocery store is good, going out to an ice cream shop or to a gelato shop, sitting down and ordering the frozen desert, applying the toppings to it, and eating it out of little gelato cups and spoons or ice cream cups, like those sold at Gelato Products for example, make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Even eating gelato or frozen yogurt using those little plastic spoons that they give is fun. The small size of the spoon limits the amount that a person is able to eat in one bite. So it makes the enjoyable experience of eating the frozen dessert last even longer.

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the types of flavors that are available for frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato. These have taken the enjoyment that people experience to a new level. Frozen desserts play an important role in society, and as long as they remain as delicious as they are, one can be assured that they will continue to be part of people’s lives.