Thursday, December 7, 2017

Laser X Laser Tag ( Review + Giveaway)

Remember when laser tag was something you only got to do on weekends if you’re parents had the time to take you, or at a friend’s birthday party? I have vividly fond memories of laser tag, and was super excited to get my kids off the couch and into the action, introducing them to a game of laser tag they can play anytime (day or night).

Laser X Laser Tag Game System
Straight from the box Laser X will get kids, and adults, moving and having a ton of fun with an updated, technologically-advanced laser blaster system. Simply place on the adjustable harness, positioning the green glowing “hit” box to your chest. The switches let players choose a team. Switch positioned to red, you’re on the red team. Blue switch positioned to blue, they blue team. There is even a red/blue combo for a free for all.

Laser X Systems are compatible, meaning if you have multiple children or a friend/family member also has a Laser X System, you can all play together! Laser X also has a virtual coach built-in to assist you. No need for lengthily instructions as laser tag is pretty simple to figure out. The only thing I will mention is the set is equipped with a headphone jack if you want to really stay in stealth mode – sometimes the coach’s voice can be a bit loud.

With sophisticated electronics and optics that give players pinpoint blasting accuracy up to 200 feet, this system lets you hit your mark without visible laser beams.  We headed out to the park where my sons brought the Laser X system with them and I was shocked at the length of accuracy. I had to get in on the action myself.

Laser X not only got my kids up and moving, but me as well. Man, this system is fun! It brought so many great memories. Once I got a little winded (I may need to be more active myself) the virtual coach urged me to get moving and counted down my hit count.

The rules of laser tag are quiet simple, accuracy and stealth are what it’s all about. When you’ve been hit 10 times you’re out. Your receiver “vest” tracks hits by flashing yellow when hit and red when you’re out. Be the last person standing you win. Go ahead and challenge your opponents to another round! Players will be having so much fun they’ll play noon to night. Which you can do with Laser X, as it works in the bright sun or under nothing more than the moon light. Oh, did a mention you CAN gain back a “life” by hiding for a minute. By doing so you regenerate a hit point back, so if you were hit 6 times it will drop to 5 hits.

Laser X requires 6 AAA batteries (3 per system) which are not included. Laser X will make a great gift this holiday season for kids and adults alike. It functions well, won’t break the bank and is more fun than words can explain.

Buy It: Laser X is available in sets that equip two players for $49.99 or that equip one player for $24.99 at and other retailers.  More info is available and purchase options at:

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Products supplied for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Things You Should Know Before Taking A Driver's Test

Taking a driver’s test is pretty exciting and terrifying at the same time. It is one of the most challenging things one could face when applying for a new driver’s license. And it is not just a simple short drive that you can easily escape to. You will be assessed by a driving instructor on your driving skills during a short drive in different real-time traffic situations.

Here are five things you must know before taking a driver’s test.

1. Know the traffic signs.

This is basically the most important thing to know even when you are not taking a driver’s test. It is highly important that you know both the signs and what they actually mean. This is not only for you to pass the driver’s test, but also learning and executing the proper traffic signs proves that you are a responsible citizen. These signs are important as there are different languages all over the world. Knowing the shape and color of these signs will surely help you when communicating with non-English speakers.

2. Know the speed limits.

A lot of drivers nowadays get a lot of speeding tickets because most of them do not have any idea about the posted speed limit. This is important information that has to be acknowledged, which is why, prior to taking a driver’s test, you have to have an extensive knowledge about the speed limits in certain areas such as school zone, among others. You can information about speed limits in particular zones or roads in a chart in different driving schools such as Master Driving School.

3. Mobile Phone Laws

Distracted driving is a serious thing that needs to be acknowledged. It is one of the deadliest causes of death to millions of people around the world. That is why there are laws about it to keep people and the roads safe. It is never safe to engage in a call or text with someone while driving. It is important that know exactly the mobile phone laws and about distracted driving prior to taking a driver’s test.

4. Seatbelt and Child Safety Seat Law

In every state, there are different laws regarding seatbelt and child safety seat. It is important that you know the law about this in your area and be able to answer any questions regarding about it. These are important things, especially with regards to the child safety seat, because whether you will have a child or not, you will most likely drive with kids in the future. The important thing here is that you know what to do in these situations because you are expected to apply it in real life situations.

5. Dealing with bad weather.

Every state has a different weather. And if you are someone from Florida who has just moved to Minnesota, you will most likely have to learn about how to drive a car in snow. You will have to learn the basics of how to deal with the bad weather. Rain, snow, fog, and floods are things that need to be dealt with so you will have to know how to deal when faced with these situations.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Top 3 Safety Features on the Best Strollers of 2017

Choosing the right baby stroller is a lot like buying a car. It can be a long, difficult, and confusing process. There are so many options to choose from, each available in different models and price ranges. Furthermore, it is quite hard to tell which features really matter. Unfortunately, making the wrong choice means that you will be stuck with a bad stroller that costs much more than it is worth.
That said, most strollers will get the job done. Finding the “best” simply means finding the best option for you.  Everyone has different needs, which will mean looking for strollers with different sets of features. For example, someone who lives in a fifth-floor apartment will need something different from someone living in suburbia. Parental Guide’s 2017 Best stroller list could help you make the right choice.
However, there are some common features that should cut across the board. The top three safety features to look out for include:
1. Restraint System
When choosing a new stroller, the first thing to look out for is its restraint system. This safety feature keeps a baby or toddler from slipping out of the stroller. Therefore, get a stroller that has a sturdy, well-built crotch strap and safety belt. Most of these systems are made from a thick nylon webbing.
It is also important to keep in mind that some strollers feature a crotch strap that can be bypassed. However, this should not be the case. Industry safety standards require that the crotch strap should always be mandatory whenever the waist strap is in use.
Also, look for harness buckles that are strong and durable. They should be easy for you to operate but much harder for little hands to unfasten. The straps should be securely anchored and adjustable to ensure a proper fit.
More importantly, any restraint system should be a snug fit around your child. To this end, most strollers come with an easy-to-adjust, five-point harness that goes over the shoulders, thighs, and crotch. This kind of system effectively keeps your child from slipping or falling out if the stroller falls over.
2. Brakes
A good parking brake is a must-have feature for any stroller that you want to buy. This means that the brakes are easy to operate and convenient. They should also be able to lock two wheels because this will guarantee you an extra safety margin. Most two-wheel parking brakes can be activated in a single stroke by a bar that is built into the rear of the stroller’s frame.
However, others brakes have tabs above each rear wheel which can be operated by foot. The latter parking brakes require two actions to engage. In this case, try to avoid stroller models that can hurt your feet when you operate these brakes in lightweight shoes or bare feet.
3. Canopy
This is another non-negotiable feature that you should always look out for. Canopies are the best way to protect your child from the sun or adverse weather conditions. You can either check for simple canopies, where a simple piece of fabric is strung up between two wires; or the more sophisticated pull-down options that can cover most of the stroller.

Reversible canopies can protect your child against the elements from all sides. Others also have a clear plastic window at the top. This nifty little addition can help you keep an eye on your child as you go about your daily stroll.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Endless Creation with Strictly Briks ( Review + Giveaway)

Strickly Briks Logo
Product(s) supplied for review purposes. All opinions are may own and were in no way influenced. Thank you to Strictly Briks for sponsoring giveaway. 

For loads of open ended play this holiday season, think Strictly Briks®. The perfect gift for little ones who love to build or enjoy having their imaginations spark.
ABOUT STRICTLY BRIKS®"Creativity has its base® with award-winning Strictly Briks, a hit since 2015. With a mission to provide an affordable platform and structure for kids to build, every product encourages combining with toys already available from action figures and cars to stuffed animals. This is play in a new way. Kids’ creativity shines by building upon stackablebaseplates that grows to whatever is imagined at the moment. At the same time youngsters amass STEM knowledge from engineering to architecture as they play!"       
Strictly Briks® are made here in the USA and are compatible with other building blocks. Strictly Briks® don’t put restrictions on imagination instead you'll find base plates that allow for vertical creations, like your very own doll house, parking garage, etc.

Vertical building blocks

My 3 year old had no problems creating and enjoy every second of interaction with his Strictly Briks® Classic Big Briks set. Even his big sister got in on the action creating the "ultimate home" on more than one occasion. 

holiday toys

What makes Strictly Briks® a unique gift choice this holiday season is how many ways there are to play with Strictly Briks®, and the availability of additional sets and connectors like the 3D play sets and Silicone Briks and Straps that allow for construction of  flexible finishing touches like slides, swings and so much more.  For our first journey with Strictly Briks® we went with the Starter Pack of 119 Big Briks™.

This set includes all the necessities my little guy needed to guide his imagination, from triangles, circles, and half circle base plates to building blocks in a large array of colors that allowed him to build up or across the ground.

building toys

If you're looking to give a gift that can with over and over, added to and reaps the reward of seeing imagination come to life, Strictly Briks® should top the list. Building a creating is universally a rewarding experience for children and one that has lasted generations. Remember your first creation made with a building set? I sure do, and I remember the pride I felt in my creations.

You can find Strictly Briks® at and on  Strictly Briks come in a variety of sets and even offer a toppling game version of blocks! 

Win It:  One lucky reader has the chance to win the Starter Pack of 119 Big Briks™ for ages 3-7 just in time for the holidays!